Strategies Employed.

We have developed three sub-strategies in order to effectively manage individual positions within specific areas of the marketplace. The following sub-strategies are applied with varying degrees depending on risk appetite and personal investment profile:

Yield Capture
We select stocks with relatively higher dividend yield and focus our strategic timing of purchase and sale based on individual clients’ desires for yield, capital appreciation, and tax considerations.

Short-Term Event/News Driven
We take advantage of shorter term event movements and the goal is to capture short term capital gains in response to fast price movements. This is a small percentage of your portfolio, but an important part in attempting to reduce volatility and increase gains.

Sector Commitment
We focus on sectors which are currently over-performing the market due to various economic factors or have longer term fundamental potential not yet recognized.

By having multiple levels of strategy, you provide further diversification of risk versus just amongst asset classes. The individual strategies will have the same focus of diversification as the overall portfolio.

We actively manage all clients’ portfolios on a daily basis, which may or may not translate into account activity. Our goal is increase upside potential and minimize short term downside risk. Even days with no account activity, this result is from our active decision to not make changes rather than passively allowing the market to affect performance.

Our active management style results in activity resembling hedge funds. The key difference is we employ our strategy to all accounts in differing levels based on each client’s profile and provide total transparency to your account and investments.

And at the end of the day, literally, you will benefit from total transparency and be able to see your account 24-7. Calls with questions about what we are doing to increase your wealth are always welcome.