Robert J Fuest.

Robert J. Fuest is Chief Operating Officer & Head of Investment Research for LANDOR & FUEST CAPITAL MANAGERS, LLC. Robert’s well rounded background in financial services offers the firm and his clients, both retail and institutional, superior service and innovative solutions and a sound insight to capital markets.

Robert began his career in the financial services industry as a broker learning the nuts and bolts of the industry. Over the next nine years, his experience and drive led TD Ameritrade Institutional to tap him for strategic planning, business and product development and marketing. It was during his tenure at TD Ameritrade Institutional that he became active with independent money managers and developed and maintained technical and service product to enhance efficiency and improve operating models. These programs helped attract billions of dollars in net new assets to Advisors as well as TD. Robert continued his professional development by managing and facilitated training meetings and product launches to hundreds of advisors per year. Following his years at TD Ameritrade, he focused on Mergers and Acquisitions work for Chemical and Life Science Firms.

Robert’s interests returned him to the world of wealth and investment management. With the creation of Landor & Fuest his knowledge and desire to create an improved model for wealth management is being achieved. This model allows investors to receive the benefits of institutional money management while making significant improvements in service, transparency, liquidity and risk management.

Robert is also a current Adjunct Professor of Finance at Fordham Graduate School of Business, which includes faculty advisor and coach to several national and international competitions in the areas of research, risk and portfolio management. His students have won several national awards in research and portfolio management.

Robert received his BA from Binghamton University and his MBA from Fordham Graduate School of Business with international honors in finance and economics. Robert has been quoted in major media as a thought leader, such as Institutional Investor,, Butler on Business, Reuters and MarketWatch.