Dodge O Dorland.

Dodge O. Dorland, CMT is Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of LANDOR & FUEST CAPITAL MANAGERS, LLC and a registered investment advisor representative. Dodge’s broad professional experience provides him with a unique perspective as well as training to serve his wealth management clients.

Dodge’s career started with Manufacturers Hanover Trust where he was in commercial lending and Trust and Wealth Management. This trust banking experience included serving as banker for the Dillon family. Following Manufactures Hanover, he was a merchant banker at Bank of Montreal and an investment banker for Lehman Brothers.

During his career, he became increasingly active with wealth and trust management with the Dorland and Dodge families. This expanded to several close friends and, at their request, he created his own company. The demand for his personal service and unique approach to the wealth management motivated him to expand the business and Landor & Fuest was formed.

Dodge served on the Board of the New York Society of Security Analysts for over a decade and became increasingly active when the headquarters was destroyed due to 911. He led the successful efforts to keep the organization functioning while securing temporary and then permanent space. He was elected President in 2002 and served until 2006. He also has served on the Board of The Market Technicians Association from 1991 thru 1997, voted President in 1995. Dodge has a passion for training and teaching so he created a special membership class for students at the NYSSA and has consistently trained interns from the various New York Area MBA programs. Because of this training and his business acumen, he served on the Finance Committee of Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business from 2006 thru 2008.

Mr. Dorland received his BA from Colgate University and MBA from New York University Graduate School of Business Administration. He is a regular market commentator and has been guest host for CNBC Worldwide, CNBC Asia Pacific, CNBC Europe, New Delhi Television, Bloomberg television, Reuters and CNN. He is also active in public speaking and panel participation.