What We Supply.

Open Architecture.
One of the great things about being a Fee-Only independent Registered Investment Advisor with no affiliation to a broker dealer or investment bank is our unfettered access to investment choices and vehicles. We are unencumbered by restrictions on products or service offerings that are really meant to generate unnecessary fees. .

We believe it is the utmost importance that you understand and can actually see your investments at all times, from anywhere. Our state of the art system allows you to view all of your investments, directed by you for the assets and accounts you want on the system, regardless of institution or type of asset class. To enhance your free time, we can also allow you to connect with your accountant, attorney or other advisors so everyone can have access to the necessary reports needed at tax time, estate planning time, or if you are simply buying an investment property while on vacation and need account statements immediately over the weekend. Get more detail on Investment Strategy.

The Difference Between Investment Advisors and Brokers.
Investment Advisors are fiduciaries first, which means that we are required morally, ethically and legally to place your interests first. Any conflict of any kind must be disclosed as they arise through a form called our ADV (or sometimes referred to as Firm Brochure), which describes exactly how Investment Advisors do business and this can be requested at any time. Brokers are not required to disclose any of this and therefore you are not really sure if the products or investments are in your best interest or theirs or their firms (which certainly is a conflict).