Today is our first official blog entry. Bringing the firm well into the technology age this year has been exciting, and difficult.

Some brief notes on certain commodity prices. I think that since our last reseach note, you will find that while Natural Gas prices reached our short term projection of $6 spot, it has been very volatile. We still believe that with the current weather around the world, the geopolitical scenarios and general demand increases, prices may trend towards $7 spot in the New Year.

We are in the midst of writing a longer research paper, to be realesed over the next month. I will be discussing our thoughts on globablization and why it is going to force more volatility, and greater business opportunities. We will be looking at the further use of coal via gasification processes, oil and natural gas pricing. In addition, since we are an equity based investment firm, I will be looking at investment opportunities that can capitalize on the above mentioned commodities, especially within the industrial chemical sector.

We hope you will join us for a webinar covering our research and thoughts as we progress into 2010.

Warmest regards to you and your families.
Robert Fuest.