2/26/10 - It certainly is a New Year.

So as the market get's going in 2010 - many investors have been asking what's going on with all the volatility. So here are some opinions from my perspective. Volatility is not always a bad thing, in my opinion it means change and often growth. As in life, when people are cranky it means they have been pushed to either learn something new or work a bit harder.

The market is similar. This volatility is here for some time as the new globally integrated market places push out new products into all arenas: making it even more difficult for investment and portfolio managers to assess risk, since it is now more qualitative and far reaching.

From my last post, we talked about natural gas prices. My targets were hit but the volatility persists and prices have fallen significantly from a price perspective. I still think we will see continued investment in this area and looking into distribution companies might be an avenue you look into. An example is CLNE, Clean Energy. They may benefit nicely if congress passes the new energy bills.

The market has had some pretty scary days and European countries are still a large risk. But keep perspective – Greece is smaller than Los Angeles from a population perspective.