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2012 And Beyond: Natural Gas and US Export Markets (3.12.12)

I have been dormant on this blog for quite some time and I think that it's time to become active! I recently released my initial 2012 report covering natural gas, chemical companies and some commodities. We are currently going through an energy revolution; natural gas reserves found in the north eastern corridor of the US are displacing the dynamics of oil and oil based products throughout the country.

Looming Rate Hikes and Politics of the Tax Cut Extension (1/5/11)

It is a new year… and with that, new predictions and risks. 2011 will likely be focused on two key points:

1) Rising interest rate fears
2) European debt market fear for additional bail outs

In either case, you need to ensure you are well prepared. You don’t want your portfolio to take yet another hit especially if you are nearing retirement or are less than 5 years away.

Rising rates can be easily managed; it will mean two things:
1) Bond prices will fall so, if you cannot hold on until maturity, think about reallocating this asset class to asset classes less vulnerable (not an all encompassing statement).
2) As for investing in real estate, you will need additional incentives or a longer term view to offset the hike in interest rates. What this says to me, along with quantitative data from multiple sources, is that equities look like the asset class of choice going forward.

Preparing for Q3 earnings (9/10/10)

It has been some time since our last post, but not our most recent update. We have been active over the summer with all of this market volatility. We have seen some major hedge funds actually wind down and the managers have said it is time for a break, or a permanent break. It has been a rough summer and that has now passed.

Global Markets, A Mess Or Just Cleaning Up? (7/8/10)

I realize this is a heated debate and as I type, I am concerned with some of the back lash I may get no matter what I say. All being equal, we are paid to have opinions and to get more right than wrong.

The Oil Spill: An Amazing Mess! (6.16.10)

Good afternoon everyone.....I wanted to comment on the reality of the oil spill and what we see as its ever reaching effects, which we believe are much worse than what the media is portraying. Sadly, the gushing oil estimates are seemingly rising every day. Latest reports have an estimate between 35k and 65k barrels of oil per day. We think the latter figure is more accurate and may even still be underestimating the amount. These are significant numbers and we are not even close to capping this off and capturing the oil.

More of the same. 5/26/10

My thoughts are pretty simple at this point. More volatility will ensue over the coming months. I feel there was a top to this bull market put in place on April 26th of this year. I also feel we saw a near term low put in place on May 21st. I think we will need to go through a bit if sideways to slightly downward movement until the fall, or late summer. This doesn't mean there are no ways to make money in this market, it is just not going to be done passively.