The often cited volatility.

So, we happen to make the correct call in December and think this direction will continue, volatility is here to stay. In the short term, who knows which direction we will see, but over the course of the year I believe we will be higher. Many retail investors have been once again, spooked. I understand this; I think they should be and anyone in this market should be more cautious and nimble. While we have been this way for some time in clients’ portfolios, I am not here to say 'we told you so'.

Recent Market Events

As many of you have probably seen, the recent volatility that we called several months ago is now here. Our research report highlighting several natural resources has been released and our call on Oil is working out quite well, with a recent high of over $87/bbl. With this said, the markets, all of them, are volatile and individual investors should be cautious. Especially if you are not in an active program like ours.

The Energy Department Is Catching on?

So, in a recent news release the energy department is finally saying what we have been saying for quite some time, oil prices are going higher. We are literally days away from finishing up our Q1 research paper and will follow with a webinar. But we are and have been calling for oil to cross $90 per barrel this year. Maybe they are getting it. Who knows, and honestly, who cares if they do.

Take a look at the article: Click Here.

2/26/10 - It certainly is a New Year.

So as the market get's going in 2010 - many investors have been asking what's going on with all the volatility. So here are some opinions from my perspective. Volatility is not always a bad thing, in my opinion it means change and often growth. As in life, when people are cranky it means they have been pushed to either learn something new or work a bit harder.

Market Update

Since the last time I wrote, we have had some great progress with the business, but this does nothing for you personally unless we are helping you sort through the maze of capital markets and wealth planning. As an update, we will be hosting a webinar that covers our research, some history of bubbles dating back to the 1600's and why we are seeing so many bubbles in the past decade or two, and the effects going forward. Email me to get a copy of the research or on the webinar list: Now let me move on.


Today is our first official blog entry. Bringing the firm well into the technology age this year has been exciting, and difficult.

Some brief notes on certain commodity prices. I think that since our last reseach note, you will find that while Natural Gas prices reached our short term projection of $6 spot, it has been very volatile. We still believe that with the current weather around the world, the geopolitical scenarios and general demand increases, prices may trend towards $7 spot in the New Year.